Don’t Believe the Hype

There is no shortage of Talent in New Zealand!

Tony has been recruiting for over 20 years. Especially in the last year, he and the Focus Recruiters have come across numerous clients that mention that they can’t find the right people. We understand - if you don’t have the resources, the hiring process can be daunting.

On top of that we feel that Hiring Managers seem cautious about making a bad decision at times – no one wants to be blamed for making a bad hiring decision after all. You’re expecting a flood of CVs, but instead you’re only getting a handful… and no one seems to be 100% right for the job. Who to pick in this case?

It all starts with a good advertisement. Using the right search terms on seek is a big key in finding the right person for your business. Each year Seek releases “Top search terms that candidates searched for in their industry” – an amazing tool that tells you which title to use for getting the best talent in your field (which no one uses).

The talent shortage seems to be a myth – in our office. Sure, there are some areas where you might have to dig a bit deeper. However, if you start from the beginning and advertise in the right way, you will avoid getting flooded with CV’s that aren’t right for the job.

But how to write the right advertisement? There are some simple steps you should follow in order to attract the right people:


  • Title

Be clear about the title – use a top search term in the field in order to get the best response

  • Responsibilities

Explain the role and responsibilities in detail

  • Skills $ Experience

Highlight exactly what experience is required to fulfil the job

  • Salary & Rewards

Always put in the salary and any rewards for the potential candidates – this ensures that the applicant has a clear understanding about what the role pays and if this fits into his spectrum, with no salary you will loose up to 75% of job seekers.

  • The Company

Describe the company – make sure the applicant has a clear understanding of what the company does when reading the advertisement, use it as a selling tool. Be proud in explaining what the company does

  • Contact details

Supply contact details with name & phone number – so the candidate knows who to contact in case there are any further questions

It’s that easy - The clearer you advertise – the easier it is to eliminate receiving applications from candidates that aren’t right for this particular job.

Remember that over 60% of job-seekers view and apply via mobile devices these days – keep your ad short, sharp and to the point.

Finding the right talent starts with the right tools. And writing the right advertisement is a huge step in the right direction.



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