Employee’s are NOT hard to find – Don’t believe the hype.

We continue to receive frustrating calls with our clients and other businesses, who are being told by the media and other recruitment agencies that finding good quality staff is currently virtually impossible.

We really aren’t experiencing this across the board and in some cases, it just isn’t true.

The last year at least (and apart from lockdowns) has seen some of our busiest and most successful months, so we know first-hand the number of AWESOME, quality candidates looking for the right role and employer.

Recently, a large nationwide business in the construction space, called us after six months of unsuccessfully trying to fill a vital position. They advertised themselves many times and used two other recruitment agencies, who tried, but failed to find what they needed and then advised them that it wasn’t possible to find the person they needed ‘due to the market’.

We engaged with this business and within 2 weeks, we had several applicants and presented two perfect candidates to them, they had a tough time deciding. We are now their preferred recruitment partner and doing great things.

If you're in this boat and being told this…

1. Don’t believe the hype

2. Get in touch with us to get this resolved ASAP

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